December 2020 | Oncology Fellows

Struggling With COVID-19 on the Cancer Floor

December 29, 2020

For the population of hospitalized patients with cancer, many of whom who have not contracted the disease, COVID-19 has real, immediate consequences; the pandemic has radically altered their end-of-life care.

Student Loan Debt, Immigration Status Often Drive Career Decisions for Fellows

December 26, 2020

Investigators from Indiana University decided to study some of the factors influencing career plans for physicians, focusing on current fellows and recent graduates of the hematology and medical oncology specialty in the United States.

Fellowship Is a Time for Growth

December 24, 2020

Michael J. Robertson, MD, discusses the value of fellowship, choosing a career path, and the second epiphany that led him to focus on one of the hottest topics in oncology years before it became a viable treatment option.