April 2008 | OncologyLive

Global Cancer Communication and the Internet

April 14, 2008

According to Internet World Stats, access to the Internet varies greatly based on geographic location, in one estimate (December 2007) ranging from as high as 71% of the population of North America to less than 5% in Africa.

Personal Health Records: Just Say No

April 14, 2008

In the coming months, you will probably hear and read a lot about personal health records, as two technology heavyweights roll out initiatives designed to spur the mass consumerization of health information. The race between Google and Microsoft to apply the resources of the Internet to personalized healthcare might be great for consumers, but how will physicians benefit, if at all?

Sounding Board: A Personal Health Record Primer

April 14, 2008

With the field of PHRs now significantly expanding to include providers, payers, employers, and information technology industry giants, such as Microsoft and Google, public awareness and attitudes regarding PHRs have changed.