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Nurse Practitioners Are a Touchstone in Lung Cancer Management

October 14, 2021

Communication and education of a patient with lung cancer and their family is only part of a nurse practitioner’s responsibility. Moreover, they often represent the primary point of contact for a patient when it comes to their diagnostic workup, treatment follow-up, and symptom management.

Molecular Testing Is Critical With New Targets, Novel Therapies, and Earlier Intervention in NSCLC

October 07, 2021

David R. Gandara, highlights key data regarding the earlier integration of targeted therapy in NSCLC, the growing role of molecular testing with tissue and liquid biopsy, and the importance of incorporating a multidisciplinary approach to patient care in the paradigm.

Molecular Testing and Multidisciplinary Care Is A Necessity in Metastatic NSCLC

October 01, 2021

Although adjuvant targeted therapy options are reserved for patients with EGFR-mutated non–small cell lung cancer, molecular testing is a critical step in the treatment of all patients with metastatic disease, where multiple driver mutations are associated with FDA-approved therapeutics.

Providing Nursing Insight Into the Management of irAEs in Lung Cancer

May 04, 2021

Marianne Davies, NP, DNP, MSN, BSN, discussed the potential severity of immune-related adverse effects and detailed recommended management strategies for patients receiving checkpoint inhibitors, especially in lung cancer.

Molecular Testing Results Are Critical Amid an Expanding Targeted Therapy Paradigm in Advanced NSCLC

May 03, 2021

Julia K. Rotow, MD, discusses how she approaches molecularly testing in patients with liquid- and tissue-based biopsies, the importance of waiting to initiate immunotherapy until a patient’s molecular testing results are confirmed, and other nuances that she considers when treating patients with advanced non–small cell lung cancer.

Research Efforts Mount With Immunotherapy in Advanced NSCLC

May 03, 2021

Christopher G. Azzoli, MD, discusses the importance of identifying molecular aberrations prior to starting a patient with advanced non–small cell lung cancer on immunotherapy, ongoing research aimed at furthering the immunotherapy paradigm, and explained why novel biomarkers of response to immunotherapy are needed.