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Hayley Virgil heads OncLive's feature article efforts and specializes in social issues and equality in oncology. Prior to joining the company in early 2020, she worked as an editor in numerous industries, including media, marketing, hospitality, and computer science, and freelanced in subjects such as history, culture, and the natural sciences.


Liso-cel Continues to Demonstrate Clinical Responses in Relapsed/Refractory LBCL at 2-Year Follow-Up

April 24th 2022

The utilization of lisocabtagene maraleucel in patients with relapsed/refractory large B-cell lymphomas produced durable outcomes at a 2 years follow-up.

Axi-cel Demonstrates Long-Term Survival Benefit in Relapsed/Refractory LBCL

April 24th 2022

Axicabtagene ciloleucel resulted in a longer overall survival benefit in patients with relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma who did not have event-free survival events at months 12 and 24 vs those who experienced events at these time points.

MEDI5752 Demonstrates Intriguing Activity in Advanced Solid Tumors

April 12th 2022

MEDI5752 treatment led to a dose-dependent increase in peripheral T-cell proliferation and encouraging antitumor activity in patients with advanced solid tumors.

SCC244 Elicits Responses in METex14 Skipping–Mutated NSCLC

April 12th 2022

SCC244, a highly selective MET inhibitor, demonstrated durable efficacy in patients with non–small cell lung cancer who harbored MET exon 14 skipping mutations.

Maintenance Selinexor Improves PFS Vs Placebo in Advanced or Recurrent Endometrial Cancer

March 20th 2022

Maintenance selinexor monotherapy was found to improve progression-free survival over placebo in patients with advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer.

Nemvaleukin Alfa/Pembrolizumab Combo Shows Promising Activity in Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer

March 19th 2022

The combination of nemvaleukin alpha and pembrolizumab led to encouraging clinical activity in patients with pretreated ovarian cancer who are resistant to platinum-based chemotherapy.

Intravenous Chemo/Bevacizumab Shows Comparable Survival Outcomes Vs Intraperitoneal Regimen in Advanced Ovarian Cancer

March 19th 2022

Intravenous chemotherapy plus bevacizumab did not demonstrate differences in progression-free and overall survival compared with intraperitoneal chemotherapy plus bevacizumab in patients with advanced ovarian cancer with no macroscopic disease.

Addition of Sacituzumab Govitecan to Pembrolizumab Produces Promising Antitumor Activity in Metastatic Urothelial Cancer

February 19th 2022

Second-line sacituzumab govitecan plus pembrolizumab generated promising antitumor activity in patients with checkpoint inhibitor–naïve metastatic urothelial cancer.

Mountains, Marathons, and Motivations: Julie R. Gralow, MD, Gets Giants of Cancer Award in Community Outreach/Cancer Policy

February 2nd 2022

After her patients challenged her to finish a triathlon, Julie R. Gralow, MD, made it her mission to help women gain control of their cancer care and their lives.

Frontline Lenvatinib/TACE Improves OS in Advanced HCC

January 22nd 2022

Transarterial chemoembolization plus lenvatinib led to a significant improvement in overall survival vs lenvatinib alone as frontline therapy in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma, according to findings from the phase 3 LAUNCH trial.

Liso-Cel Induces Durable Responses in Relapsed/Refractory B-Cell Lymphomas

December 13th 2021

Treatment with lisocabtagene maraleucel demonstrated durable responses in patients with relapsed/refractory large B-cell lymphomas.

Daratumumab Plus Talquetamab Demonstrates Tolerable Safety Profile and High Response Rates in R/R Multiple Myeloma

December 11th 2021

Daratumumab plus talquetamab demonstrated a tolerable safety profile and induced responses in more than 75% of patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma across dose levels.

Tamoxifen May Increase Risk of Secondary Uterine Cancer In Select Patients With Primary Breast Cancer

December 7th 2021

Patients with primary breast cancer who developed secondary uterine cancer following treatment with tamoxifen may have had disease driven by PI3K-pathway activation.

Frontline Immunotherapy Improves Survival in Advanced RCC, But Benefit to Be Determined for Favorable-Risk Subset

September 16th 2021

Frontline immunotherapy resulted in improved progression-free survival and overall survival compared with sunitinib in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma; however, determining the benefit in those with favorable-risk disease must be examined further.

MRD-Based Consolidation Dara-KRd Elicits Rapid Responses in Newly Diagnosed Myeloma

September 11th 2021

Minimal residual disease–based consolidation therapy comprised of daratumumab, carfilzomib, lenalidomide, and dexamethasone was found to induce quick responses and unprecedented rates of MRD negativity in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma.

Native American Ancestry Correlates With EGFR, KRAS Mutations in Lung Cancer

August 6th 2021

An association has been found in Latin American patients with lung adenocarcinoma between Native American ancestry and somatic landscape, including EGFR, KRAS, and STK11 mutations, as well as tumor mutational burden.

Low-Dose Venetoclax Achieves Promising Results in AL Amyloidosis and Myeloma Subsets

August 5th 2021

Low-dose venetoclax monotherapy demonstrated antitumor activity in patients with heavily pretreated multiple myeloma and light chain amyloidosis harboring t(11;14).

Soliman Details Ongoing Novel Immunotherapeutic Research Efforts at Moffitt, Recent Developments in Breast Cancer

August 2nd 2021

Moffitt Cancer Center is currently working to develop a host of novel therapeutic treatments within the breast cancer space, from immunotherapeutics to personalized cancer vaccines.

African Ancestry Is Linked With Higher Prostate Cancer Risk Vs European Ancestry

August 2nd 2021

Germline variation could play a role in racial disparities related to prostate cancer risk, with individuals of African descent having a higher mean genetic risk score compared with men of European ancestry.

Utility of Immunotherapy Keeps Evolving in Unresectable Stage III NSCLC

July 31st 2021

Many checkpoint inhibitors are currently under investigation in combination with concurrent radiotherapy in stage III non–small cell lung cancer, which experts propose could have practice-changing implications.