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GI Cancer Armamentarium Gains Traction With Immunotherapy, Targeted Agents

July 07, 2021

Jimmy Hwang, MD, discusses the frontline indications for checkpoint inhibitors in gastric cancer and their effect on subsequent treatment decisions, the growth of targeted therapy across gastrointestinal cancers, and expectations for future research and development.

Coleman and Brown Review Advancing Applications for PARP Inhibition in Ovarian Cancer

March 25, 2021

Dr. Coleman and Dr. Brown discuss how understandings of BRCA and patient eligibility for PARP inhibitors have evolved in ovarian cancer, the effects of frontline maintenance trials on treatment recommendations, the clinical significance of the findings from the ARIEL4 trial, and where PARP inhibition is headed in the field.

Debate Ensues With Integrating Multimodal Approaches in RCC, Sequencing Agents in Bladder Cancer

January 27, 2021

During the question-and-answer portion of the virtual Institutional Perspectives in Cancer webinar, Earle Burgess, MD, and colleagues provide insight into how they are navigating the evolving treatment landscape of renal cell carcinoma and bladder cancer.

Immunotherapy Combos Take Next Step in Gynecologic Cancers

December 29, 2020

R. Wendel Naumann, MD, discusses numerous investigations of PD-1 inhibitors in combination with PARP inhibitors or other targeted agents, as well as chemotherapy, and how it could finally start the next chapter of immunotherapy in gynecologic malignancies.