Anne Katz Discusses Cancer and Sexuality

Anne Katz, from the University of Manitoba, Discusses Cancer and Sexuality

Anne Katz, RN, PhD, editor, Oncology Nursing Forum, Manitoba Prostate Centre, University of Manitoba, CancerCare Manitoba, discusses the impact of cancer on sexual functioning and health, which can be connected to the tumor itself, effects of the treatment, emotions, or changes in a patient’s self image.

The topic of sexual health is often viewed as taboo in the medical community and because of this many caregivers do not discuss it with their patients. Katz says that researchers have proven that patients want and need to talk about sexuality. Caregivers are encouraged to bring the topic of sexual health up with their patients in order to provide an open communication channel and to invite feedback.

Sexual issues can have an important impact on a patient's quality of life, especially when they reach the survivorship stage and want to return to a precancerous state, because of this it is important to make sure this issue is addressed early in the treatment process.


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