Phase III ALTA-1L Trial of Brigatinib for ALK-Rearranged NSCLC - Episode 7

Brigatinib Regulatory Status in NSCLC

Transcript: Ross Camidge, MD, PhD: ALTA-1L met every one of its primary end points, so it’s clearly going to be approved in the first-line setting.

Lyudmila A. Bazhenova, MD: Our phase II ALTA trial, which was a second-line trial in patients who progressed on crizotinib, was updated at ASCO [the American Society of Clinical Oncology] 2018 annual meeting. In that trial, median progression-free survival on brigatinib was slightly over 16 months, which is also quite consistent with ALTA-1L trial. Remember, in the ALTA-1L trial, patients who were randomized to crizotinib were then allowed to cross over to brigatinib. In patients who crossed over to brigatinib, median progression-free survival was about 15 months. So we now have 2 different clinical trials using brigatinib in second line, which show very similar progression-free survival of about 15 to 16 months.

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