Dr. Ambinder on the Potential Impact of SIRI on Health IT

Edward P. Ambinder, MD

Dr. Edward Ambinder, from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, on the Potential Impact of using Apple's SIRI to aid Health Information Technology.

Edward P. Ambinder, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, discusses the potential health information technology (health IT) impact of Apple's SIRI, a natural language user interface application that translates verbal commands into actions on the computer.

Ambinder notes that it is much easier to simply tell a computer what to do rather than open multiple programs, type commands, or click buttons. Using programs like SIRI, physicians could finish paper work and schedule appointments by simply talking to their computer.

Utilizing programs like SIRI for health IT may help save time and impact how physicians deal and interact with computers and electronic medical records.