Dr. Azad on Future Research Efforts in CRC

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Nilofer S​aba Azad, MD, discusses future research efforts in colorectal cancer.

Nilofer S​aba Azad, MD, associate professor of oncology, Johns Hopkins ​University School of Medicine, ​director, Developmental Therapeutics Clinical Trials Program, Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, discusses future research efforts in colorectal cancer (CRC).

The CRC space is entering an exciting era wherein a number of potential treatment strategies are beginning to surface, explains Azad.

For example, novel immunotherapy strategies are being evaluated, with the goal of making immunotherapy effective for all patients with CRC, Azad explains.

 Moreover, several targeted agents and chemotherapy regimens continue to be explored in clinical trials, Azad says.

It is unlikely that all ongoing research efforts will lead to positive findings. However, it is important that patients continue to enroll on clinical trials, Azad concludes.