Dr. Baskin on Treatment Considerations in Prostate Cancer

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Monica L. Baskin, PhD, discusses treatment considerations in prostate cancer.

Monica L. Baskin, PhD, professor, Division of Preventive Medicine, vice chair for culture and diversity, Department of Medicine, associate director, Community Outreach and Engagement, O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, discusses treatment considerations in prostate cancer.

Treatment selection is based on a collaborative discussion with the patient and their family, Baskin says.

A number of patient factors including disease stage and grade, age, general health status, and tolerance of potential adverse effects are used to inform treatment selection, explains Baskin.

Currently, radiation therapy, surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy are available treatment options for men with prostate cancer, says Baskin.

Additionally, eligible patients may be considered for active surveillance if they do not require immediate treatment, concludes Baskin.