Dr. Cavnar on the Importance of Multidisciplinary Care in CRC

Michael J. Cavnar, MD, discusses the importance of multidisciplinary care in colorectal cancer.

Michael J. Cavnar, MD, assistant professor of surgery, University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center, discusses the importance of multidisciplinary care in colorectal cancer (CRC).

A multidisciplinary team is crucial in determining the optimal care for a patient with CRC, says Cavnar.

Many patients ​with CRC present with abdominal discomfort​ or pain, says Cavnar. If a bowel obstruction is discovered, patients may undergo surgery. Moreover, in some cases, emergency surgery may be required.

An initial work up may reveal liver metastases​, Cavnar says. Alternatively, ​sites of metastatic disease could be diagnosed years after identifying the primary tumor, Cavnar explains.

Once a patient is diagnosed with metastatic CRC, imaging ​with MRI, CT scan, or another modality plays a critical role in determining the extent of the disease. ​Consulting a radiologist may aid in selecting the optimal imaging strategy for each individual patient, Cavnar concludes.