Dr. Chari on Transplant Eligibility in Multiple Myeloma

Nov 21, 2019

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Ajai Chari, MD, discusses transplant eligibility in multiple myeloma.

Ajai Chari, MD, associate professor, hematology and medical oncology, Mount Sinai Hospital, discusses transplant eligibility in multiple myeloma.

Typically, fit patients under the age of 70 are considered transplant eligible, says Chari. Patients with comorbidities that include an ejection fraction >50% or a FEV1/FVC ratio >50% are typically not eligible for transplant, he adds. Notably, renal failure and dialysis dependence are not exclusion criteria for transplant.

Determining transplant eligibility in older patients is more challenging, says Chari. Patients who respond well to induction therapy with limited toxicity could have durable responses with maintenance therapy and may not need transplant. Conversely, patients who do not respond well to induction therapy, or who experience increased toxicity should be considered for transplant, concludes Chari.

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