Dr. Chedid on Understanding Treatment Efficacy in Follicular Lymphoma


Solly Chedid, MD, discusses the elements of effective therapy in follicular lymphoma.

Solly Chedid, MD, medical oncologist, hematologist, Singing River Health System, discusses the elements of effective therapy in follicular lymphoma.

In patients with follicular lymphoma, how long patients are able to stay off therapy and whether they can be rechallenged with that therapy is unknown, Chedid explains. Many approved agents are effective in eliciting a prolonged duration of response, but it is important to understand whether they are changing the natural course of the disease, Chedid explains. Having information on the time to second remission and not just the time to remission or duration of response while patients are on these therapies is crucial, Chedid adds.

It is important to understand if the agents have changed the overall trajectory of the disease course, eliciting a better outcome down the road, Chedid continues. Obtaining evolved survival data is critical, as oncologists continue to treat this patient population, Chedid concludes.

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