Dr. Chiang on Unanswered Questions With Immunotherapy in NSCLC

Anne Chiang, MD, PhD, discusses unanswered questions with immunotherapy in non–small cell lung cancer.

Anne Chiang, MD, PhD, associate professor, Yale School of Medicine, chief network officer and deputy chief medical officer, Smilow Cancer Network, discusses unanswered questions with immunotherapy in non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). 

A number of single-agent and combination immunotherapy approaches are available in the NSCLC space, which can be a challenge, says Chiang. As such, there is a need to integrate better biomarkers into practice. This will lead to a better understanding of response to checkpoint inhibitors as well as inform the necessity of chemotherapy.

Ultimately, fully understanding these factors will help the field deliver the best form of precision medicine to their patients, Chiang concludes.