Dr. Danila on Examining Immunotherapy in Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

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Daniel C. Danila, MD, discusses ​the rationale for examining immunotherapy in early-stage prostate cancer.

Daniel C. Danila, MD, medical oncologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, discusses ​the rationale for examining immunotherapy in early-stage prostate cancer.

To navigate the field of in early-stage prostate cancer more effectively, several clinical trials are evaluating the utility of immunotherapy in this disease stage, Danila says. This research is interesting because early-stage disease has the potential to be the state where minimal metastatic disease can be effectively controlled in immunotherapy. Moreover, tumor profiling in this state may be based on genetic analysis or genome-wide sequencing, Danila explains.

These advancements will be coupled with an improved understanding of imaging, Danila continues. Additionally, established agents could have further utility if moved to earlier lines of treatment for patients with castration-sensitive disease and rising prostate-specific antigen, Danila concludes.