Dr. Edington on the Evolving Treatment Paradigm of Melanoma

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Howard D. Edington, MD, discusses the evolving treatment paradigm of melanoma.

Howard D. Edington, MD, director, Cutaneous Oncology Program, Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center, Allegheny Health Network, discusses the evolving treatment paradigm of melanoma.

Medical therapy has undergone tremendous advances in melanoma in recent years, Edington says. The prognosis for stage IV disease, or advanced melanoma, used to be dismal, and now it has become manageable, Edington says.

Despite the progress in treating melanoma, areas of need remain, and the incidence of disease has continued to increase, Edington explains. Recent data suggest that by the year 2040, melanoma will be the second-most commonly diagnosed cancer, trailing only breast cancer, Edington concludes.