Dr. Gorlick on Methods for Identifying Immunotherapeutic Targets in Osteosarcomas

Richard Gorlick, MD, highlights methods for identifying immunotherapeutic targets in osteosarcomas.

Richard Gorlick, MD, division head of the Division of Pediatrics at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, highlights methods for identifying immunotherapeutic targets in osteosarcomas.

In a recent study, mass spectrometry was used to analyze proteins from whole protein extracts and membrane extracts from patient-derived osteosarcoma xenograft models, according to Gorlick. The research utilized human tumors that were implanted in immunocompromised mice and were permitted to grow. Investigators were able to recapitulate osteosarcomas that were obtained from patients directly, Gorlick says.

After xenograft models were analyzed comprehensively, investigators examined patient samples to confirm that the proteins expressed in the models were also expressed on the tumors that came from human patients. From there, agents could be tested on the model systems, Gorlick concludes.