Dr. Gralow on the Integration on Precision Medicine Into Oncology


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Julie R. Gralow, MD, discusses the integration of precision medicine into oncology.

Julie R. Gralow, MD, clinical director, Breast Medical Oncology, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, professor, medical oncology, University of Washington School of Medicine, discusses the integration of precision medicine into oncology.

Historically, cancer treatment consisted of a one-size-fits-all approach, says Gralow. Now, with molecular profiling, therapies are being tailored to individual subgroups of patients with cancer based on acquired disease characteristics. Moreover, serial biopsies with plasma-based testing are needed to identify changes in molecular characteristics that can occur as rapidly as between recurrences, Gralow explains. Notably, these changes can affect disease aggressiveness and response to treatment.

Additionally, germline characteristics, age, comorbidities, and patient goals have extended the reach of personalized therapy, Gralow concludes.

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