Dr. Holman on Screening for Ovarian Cancer

Laura L. Holman, MD, discusses screening options for ovarian cancer.

Laura L. Holman, MD, assistant professor in the Section of Gynecologic Oncology at Stephenson Cancer Center, University of Oklahoma, discusses screening options for ovarian cancer.

There is no accepted screening method for ovarian cancer, which is likely one of the reasons why many women present with late-stage disease, explains Holman. Over the years, several trials have evaluated screening methods using different modalities, including biomarkers alone, imaging alone, and a combination of the two. Thus far, nothing has proven to be effective and meet the standard that has been set for ovarian cancer, Holman says.

Investigators from Stephenson Cancer Center are currently participating in a multicenter trial in which they are looking at using more than one biomarker as part of a method to screen for ovarian cancer, according to Holman. Additionally, there is research looking into the use of liquid biopsy to screen for the disease. However, this work is still in the early stages, concludes Holman.