Dr. Hoos Discusses the Next Steps for Ipilimumab

Dr. Axel Hoos medical lead at Bristol-Myers Squibb Discusses the Next Steps for Ipilimumab

Axel Hoos, MD, PhD, the medical lead in Immunology/Oncology at Bristol-Myers Squibb, describes the next steps to optimize the clinical use of ipilimumab (Yervoy) which is approved for pretreated and untreated metastatic melanoma. The drug improves survival and demonstrates durable clinical effects such as response and prolonged survival in some patients.

Hoos describes the next step is to further optimize benefits patients receive by investigating combination therapies and optimizing dosing schedules. The currently approved induction regiment is 4 doses in 3 week intervals. The drug is being examined in reinduction and as maintenance therapy. The investigation of these new schedules will help optimize ipilimumab's clinical use.