Dr. Kantoff on Future Research Efforts in Prostate Cancer

Philip W. Kantoff, MD, discusses future research efforts in prostate cancer.

Philip W. Kantoff, MD, chair of the Department of Medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and a 2014 Giants of Cancer Care® winner for Genitourinary Cancer, discusses future research efforts in prostate cancer.

The 2020 ESMO Virtual Congress provided the field of prostate cancer with an abundance of research with regard to novel treatment strategies.

​Other than PARP inhibitors, few treatment options ​are available for patients with prostate cancer who harbor DNA repair gene abnormalities, Kantoff explains. As such, the field is actively trying to improve PARP inhibition by evaluating these agents in combination with other therapies​, says Kantoff.

Additionally, ongoing research is evaluating BCL-2 inhibitors in combination with other agents​, Kantoff explains.

These investigational treatment strategies could have utility in men with prostate cancer ​pending further positive data, Kantoff concludes.