Dr. Lee on the Importance of Collaboration in Precision Medicine

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Kelvin P. Lee, MD, discusses the importance of collaboration in precision medicine.

Kelvin P. Lee, MD, senior associate dean of Cancer Research, director, Indiana University (IU) Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, H.H. Gregg professor of oncology, member, the Department of Medicine, the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, IU School of Medicine, Indiana University Health, discusses the importance of collaboration in precision medicine.

At the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, a precision medicine team takes patient referrals to receive testing and sequencing, Lee says. The team then analyzes the results to identify abnormalities and mutations that could lead to actionable treatment, Lee adds. This process is beneficial because multiple experts gather in one room to discuss the best course of action, Lee explains.

With the addition of a virtual option for these meetings, there is the benefit of adding moving precision medicine out into the community, Lee continues. Utilizing the virtual option can allow the team to reach more patients, plus more primary care physicians or community oncologists, to get referrals and assist in treatment decisions, Lee concludes.