Dr. Lin on CAR T-Cell Therapy–Related Toxicities in Multiple Myeloma

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Yi Lin, MD, PhD, discusses CAR T-cell therapy–related toxicities in multiple myeloma.

Yi Lin, MD, PhD, consultant, Division of Hematology, Department of Internal Medicine, consultant, Division of Experimental Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, assistant professor of medicine and oncology, Mayo Clinic, discusses CAR T-cell therapy–related toxicities in multiple myeloma.

In multiple myeloma, investigational CAR T-cell therapy products do not appear to induce the same degree of severe toxicities as in other hematologic malignancies, explains Lin. For example, as demonstrated in several clinical trials, less than 10% of patients typically develop grade 3 or higher cytokine release syndrome or neurotoxicity that would require monitoring in the intensive care unit, says Lin.

Notably, some contributing factors to this lesser degree of severe toxicities could be the design of the CAR T-cell products, along with the natural aspects of the disease. The field is now trying to gain a greater understanding on how to best utilize interventions, such as tocilizumab (Actemra) and steroids, to retain response while preventing severe toxicities, concludes Lin.