Dr. Lin on the Importance of Biomarker Research in Prostate Cancer

Daniel W. Lin, MD, discusses the importance of biomarker research in prostate cancer.

Daniel W. Lin, MD, professor, Department of Urology, chief, Urologic Oncology, University of Washington School of Medicine, associate professor, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and physician, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, discusses the importance of biomarker research in prostate cancer.

Biomarkers are becoming more relevant in tailoring treatment to individual patients with prostate cancer​. However, a misconception is that biomarkers alone can provide exact ​clinical solution​s, which is not always the case, Lin says. Although biomarkers often play a key role in treatment selection, they don’t always predict exact outcome​s, ​says Lin. ​Rather, biomarkers can inform potential outcomes ​and estimate risk, Lin explains.

Moreover, there are several cases where ​established cancer models are more predictive than biomarkers​, Lins says. As such, future research efforts must evaluate the utility of these strategies in combination, Lin emphasizes. Doing so could result in more accurate predictions, as well as improved patient outcomes, Lin concludes.