Dr. Lonial on Unanswered Questions With T-Cell Engagers in Myeloma

Sagar Lonial MD, FACP, discusses unanswered questions with T-cell engagers in myeloma.

Sagar Lonial MD, FACP, chief medical officer of Winship Cancer Institute, as well as the Anne and Bernard Gray Family Chair in Cancer and professor and chair, Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology at Emory University School of Medicine, discusses unanswered questions with T-cell engagers in myeloma.

One need that must be addressed is the need for longer follow-up in order to identify the duration of response (DOR) associated with T-cell engagers, Lonial, says. Investigators had hoped the CAR T-cell therapies would yield longer responses in this patient population then what has previously been observed. This would have been desirable by patients, due to the fact that a single infusion is required before completing treatment, which offers a convenient option, Lonial explains.

As T-cell engagers are given continuously over a certain amount of time, it's possible a longer DOR will be observed, though it is not currently known if that will be the case, Lonial concludes.