Dr. Maddocks on Emerging Therapies in Follicular Lymphoma

Kami J. Maddocks, MD, discusses emerging therapies in follicular lymphoma.

Kami J. Maddocks, MD, associate professor of clinical internal medicine, Division of Hematology, The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center–James, discusses emerging therapies in follicular lymphoma. 

As displayed in recent data, CAR T-cell therapy appears to be a promising treatment ​modality for patients with follicular lymphoma; however, some patients may benefit more from the therapy than others, says Maddocks. 

Moreover, bispecific antibodies and antibody​-drug conjugates have been studied in several lymphoma subtypes, ​including follicular lymphoma, ​Maddocks explains. Although these data are still in early stages, they suggest that the agents may result in less toxicity with easier administration.  

These emerging therapies continue to garner excitement in the field and could potentially emerge as treatment options in the future​, Maddocks concludes.