Dr. Markman on Long-Term Chemotherapy Side Effects

Dr. Maurie Markman, from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, on Awareness of Long-Term Chemotherapy Side Effects

Maurie Markman, MD, senior vice president for Clinical Affairs, National Director for Medical Oncology, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Eastern Regional Medical Center, explains that many experts recognize that the long-term care of cancer survivors is beginning to transition towards primary care physicians (PCPs).

Markman notes that this transition is important because many of these individuals have not received training on chemotherapy administration or the long-term side effects associated with chemotherapy. They may have a strong understanding of the side effect itself, but not the root cause.

Once education is provided, it needs to be clearly emphasized that the long-term side effects of chemotherapy should be constantly monitored multiple years after the fact. In some cases many rare conditions may occur 5 to 10 years down the road.