Dr. Mesa on the Unique Characteristics of Momelotinib in Myelofibrosis


Ruben A. Mesa, MD, discusses the unique characteristics of momelotinib in myelofibrosis.

Ruben A. Mesa, MD, executive director, Mays Cancer Center, UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses the unique characteristics of momelotinib in myelofibrosis.

Momelotinib is an investigational JAK inhibitor that has demonstrated efficacy in patients with myelofibrosis, Mesa says. The approved JAK inhibitors ruxolitinib (Jakafi) and fedratinib (Inrebic) have demonstrated utility in reducing spleen size and improving symptom burden; however, they do not improve and can worsen anemia, Mesa explains.

Conversely, momelotinib has been shown to improve anemia, so the agent could fulfill an unmet need in myelofibrosis, Mesa says. In addition to JAK1/2, momelotinib inhibits ACVR1, which inhibits inflammation and hepcidin and could explain how the agent improves anemia.

Ongoing clinical trials, such as the phase 3 MOMENTUM trial (NCT04173494), are evaluating the extent to which momelotinib can improve splenomegaly, symptom burden, and anemia, Mesa concludes.

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