Dr. Petrylak Discusses the Isotope Radium-223

Dr. Daniel Petrylak, from the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, Discusses the Isotope Radium-223

Daniel P. Petrylak, MD, Professor of Medicine, Co-Leader of Prostate Cancer, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at Columbia University Medical Center, discusses the new isotope agent radium-223 (Alpharadin).

The ALpharadin in SYMptomatic Prostate CAncer (ALSYMPCA) trial that investigated radium-223 for prostate cancer with bone metastases was the first trial to demonstrate an overall survival benefit for an isotopic agent. This agent is set apart by its tolerability when combined with hormonal therapies and chemotherapy.

Radium-233 combines well with docetaxel, something that sets it apart from other approved radiopharmaceuticals. The ALSYMPCA trial investigated the agent in patients that were post — or deemed unfit to receive docetaxel.

Further studies need to be done to determine how to sequence these drugs in a manner that creates a minimum amount of toxicities.