Dr. Rosko on Disparities Within Clinical Trials in Multiple Myeloma

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Ashley E. Rosko, MD, discusses disparities within clinical trials in multiple myeloma.

Ashley E. Rosko, MD, oncologist, associate professor, Department of Internal Medicine, The Ohio State University (OSU), medical director, Oncogeriatric Program, The OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center–James, discusses disparities within clinical trials in multiple myeloma.

Several unmet needs exist in multiple myeloma when discussing clinical trials, such as the undertreatment of older patients with newly diagnosed disease, Rosko says. Moreover, inequities are observed with survival outcomes, as non-Hispanic Black patients receive transplants at approximately half the rate of non-Hispanic White patients, Rosko explains. 

It is important to offer intensive therapies and clinical trials to patients equally, Rosko adds. Equal access to novel therapies and transplant can improve survival for younger and older Black patients, which is greatly needed in the field of multiple myeloma, Rosko says.

It is critical to increase access to some of these novel therapies for underserved patients with multiple myeloma and to offer patients with relapsed/refractory disease optimal next lines of therapies, Rosko concludes.