Dr. Ross on the Role of the Microbiome in CRC

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Howard M. Ross, MD, discusses the role of the microbiome colorectal cancer.

Howard M. Ross, MD, colon and rectal surgeon, chair of surgery, surgeon in chief, Hackensack University Medical Center, professor, chair, Department of Surgery, Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine, discusses the role of the microbiome colorectal cancer (CRC).

The exploration of the role of the microbiome and how the makeup of bacteria in the colon affect outcomes is an exciting frontier in CRC, Ross explains. As rates of CRC in younger patients have dramatically increased, researchers have struggled to identify exact explanations; however, a combination of the environment and how that affects the microbiome could be a factor, Ross says.

Many health aspects for humans are affected by social determinants, and these need to be a focus for colon and rectal health, Ross continues. Research is ongoing to evaluate how the environment plays a role in the development of CRC, Ross concludes.