Dr. Rossetti on the Utility of JAK Inhibitors in MPNs

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James M. Rossetti, DO, discusses the utility of JAK inhibitors in myeloproliferative neoplasms.

James M. Rossetti, DO, hematologist, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, discusses the utility of JAK inhibitors in myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs).

Long-term data from the phase III COMFORT-I and COMFORT-II trials and, more recently, the phase III RESPONSE trial have demonstrated the utility of ruxolitinib (Jakafi) in myelofibrosis and polycythemia vera, respectively.

However, ruxolitinib wasn’t widely adopted when it was first introduced due to the lack of long-term data versus hydroxyurea and busulfan, says Rossetti.

In August 2019, the FDA approved fedratinib (Inrebic) for the treatment of patients with myelofibrosis. Fedratinib is an important addition to the armamentarium as there are limitations to ruxolitinib’s utility, says Rossetti.

As with ruxolitinib, long-term data and institutional experience with fedratinib will help cement its utility in the field, concludes Rossetti.