Dr. Salani on Therapeutic Advances in Endometrial Cancer

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Ritu Salani, MD, MBA, discusses therapeutic advances in endometrial cancer.

Ritu Salani, MD, MBA, gynecologic oncologist, University of California, Los Angeles, discusses therapeutic advances in endometrial cancer.

In recent years, immunotherapy has risen to the forefront as a therapeutic option for patients with endometrial cancer, Salani says.

Additionally, the field is developing a greater understanding of how to best utilize immunotherapy in women with endometrial cancer who harbor mismatch repair deficiencies (MMRs) or have Lynch syndrome, explains Salani.

Additionally, combination regimens, such as pembrolizumab (Keytruda) plus lenvatinib (Lenvima), have demonstrated notable response rates among patients without MMRs, Salani says. However, the combination is associated with toxicity, so it’s important to consider the relative risks and benefits of the combination on an individualized basis. 

Other advances, such as combining hormonal therapy with mTOR inhibitors and utilizing trastuzumab (Herceptin) in patients with serous endometrial cancer who harbor HER2/neu mutations, are continuing to push the field forward, concludes Salani.