Dr. Samur on the Evolving Treatment Landscape in Multiple Myeloma

Mehmet K. Samur, PhD, discusses the evolving treatment landscape in multiple myeloma.

Mehmet K. Samur, PhD, research scientist, Department of Data Science, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, discusses the evolving treatment landscape in multiple myeloma.

The treatment armamentarium of multiple myeloma is poised to gain multiple novel therapies within the coming years. For example, CAR T-cell therapy, bispecific antibodies, and monoclonal antibodies have demonstrated high response rates for patients, Samur says.

Although some of these therapies are in early stages of development, additional data are anticipated to determine where these agents may be incorporated into the course of treatment, explains Samur. These therapies may have utility as frontline options or may be better suited for later-line settings. Additionally, data are needed to determine whether patients with high-risk multiple myeloma could benefit from these novel therapies or whether they should be given earlier on in the disease course, concludes Samur.