Dr. Schnabel Discusses the DCIS Recurrence Score

Dr. Freya Schnabel from NYU School of Medicine Discusses the DCIS Recurrence Score

Freya R. Schnabel, MD, Professor of Surgery, NYU School of Medicine, discusses ability to predict the risk for recurrence in women with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) using a new 12-gene assay named the DCIS Score.

The study that examined the DCIS Score was designed to explore the tumor samples of women who had received surgery alone without radiation. This analysis found a panel of genes that could help predict whether the patient was at low-, intermediate-, or high-risk for recurrence.

Determining the recurrence risk at the time of lumpectomy aids future treatment decisions, including whether or not to use radiation therapy. Schnabel labels the ability to predict risk a major advance.