Dr. Solin on Personalizing Treatment With the DCIS Score

Dr. Lawrence Solin from Einstein Medical Center on Personalizing Treatment With the DCIS Score

Lawrence J. Solin, MD, chair, Department of Radiation Oncology, Einstein Medical Center, discusses a few of the differences between the Oncotype DX recurrence score and the new 12-gene assay for patients with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), labeled the DCIS Score.

The DCIS Score, derived from the multigene RT-PCR assay, should be used for noninvasive DCIS tumors while the Oncotype DX test is primarily used for invasive tumors and carcinomas. Differences exist between the way the results of these tests are calculated and their impact on the treatment process.

Predicting the individual risk for local recurrence in patients with DCIS allows physicians to make personalized treatment decisions. Whether or not to provide radiation or tamoxifen can be aided by how the patient’s risk is categorized.