Dr. Somer on Lowering the Cost of Cancer Care With Biosimilars

Bradley G. Somer, MD, discusses lowering the cost of cancer care with biosimilars.

Bradley G. Somer, MD, associate professor, Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, medical oncologist, senior partner, Executive Cancer Council, and head of strategic expansion/development, West Cancer Center Research Program, West Cancer Center, discusses lowering the cost of cancer care with biosimilars.

Biosimilars are welcome additions to the field of oncology because they could provide additional options to patients at a reduced cost, says Somer. Biosimilars could help construct a more sustainable health system, especially in oncology where the expense of treatment is rising exponentially. For that reason, biosimilars are likely to take on a greater role in the future.

However, if the cost of cancer care is to reach a sustainable level, the community will have to figure out additional ways to optimize spending, says Somer. This may result from a re-evaluation of spending for comprehensive care and hospitalizations, he concludes.