Dr. Tzachanis on Research Regarding Post-CAR T-Cell Therapy Progression in Lymphoma

Dimitrios Tzachanis, MD, PhD, discusses research regarding post–CAR T-cell therapy progression in lymphoma.

Dimitrios Tzachanis, MD, PhD, hematologist/medical oncologist and assistant professor of medicine, University of California, San Diego Health, discusses research regarding post——CAR T-cell therapy progression in lymphoma.

Patients with lymphoma who progress on CAR T-cell therapy typically have poor outcomes, says Tzachanis.

At the 2019 ASH Annual Meeting, data from the multicenter phase I/Ib GO29781 study showed that the CD3- and CD20-targeted bispecific antibody mosunetuzumab elicited durable responses in patients with highly refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Moreover, the complete remission rate among patients who had previously received CAR T-cell therapy was 22.2%.

Apart from bispecific antibodies, which have shown early efficacy in this space, allogeneic stem cell transplant could also be considered if the disease is under control, concludes Tzachanis.

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