Dr. Visvanathan on the Rationale for Evaluating Lipophilic Statins in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer


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Kala Visvanathan, MD, MBBS, MHS, discusses the rationale for ​evaluating lipophilic statins in epithelial ovarian cancer. 

Kala Visvanathan, MD, MBBS, MHS, director, Clinical Cancer Genetics and Prevention Service, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins Medicine, discusses the rationale for ​evaluating lipophilic statins in epithelial ovarian cancer. 

Although advances are being made in the epithelial ovarian cancer space, the 5-year overall survival ​rate is still lower than 50%, says Visvanathan. ​

Additionally, cancer is a global problem, Visvanathan explains. As such, mitigating the financial toxicities associated with the ​costs of therapy ​is important.

Repurposing an existing agent that has biological rationale and encouraging data may be an effective strategy to minimize the cost of drug development, says Visvanathan. 

​Findings from an observational study ​presented during the virtual American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting II ​demonstrated a 43% overall reduction in epithelial ovarian cancer mortality with lipophilic statins, which are typically used to lower blood cholesterol, concludes Visvanathan. 

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