Dr. Woyach on the Role of Chemoimmunotherapy in CLL


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Jennifer Woyach, MD, discusses ​the role of chemoimmunotherapy in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Jennifer Woyach, MD, associate professor, Department of Internal Medicine, The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center–James, discusses ​the role of chemoimmunotherapy in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

Recently, multiple positive phase 3 clinical trials have ​demonstrated superiority with novel agents compared with chemoimmunotherapy in CLL, says Woyach. In the clinic, the benefits and risk​s associated with chemoimmunotherapy, BTK inhibitors, and B​CL​-2 inhibitors must be discussed in great detail.

Although FCR chemoimmunotherapy remains a standard treatment option for young, fit patients who do not have concerning genomic abnormalities, the regimen is being utilized less in the clinic. Moreover, patients tend to prefer alternative options, Woyach concludes. 

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