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Latest from The Ohio State University

Larry J. Copeland, MD, discusses the prevalence of ovarian cancer in the United States.
John Hays, MD, PhD, discusses immunotherapy research in gynecologic cancer.
Jennifer Woyach, MD, discusses the findings of the ALLIANCE AO41202 and ECOG-ACRIN E1912 trials in the frontline treatment for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Jeffrey M. Fowler, MD, discusses patient eligibility for cytoreductive surgery in newly diagnosed ovarian cancer.
Leigha Senter, MS, LGC, discusses ongoing biomarker research efforts in ovarian cancer.
Leigha Senter, MS, LGC, discusses optimal testing methods in ovarian cancer.
Larry J. Copeland, MD, professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology, College of Medicine, The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center–James, discusses the use of PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer.
Floor J. Backes, MD, discusses the latest advancements made in the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer and the ongoing research efforts that are being made with novel combinations.
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