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Oncology & Biotech NewsApril 2007
Volume 1
Issue 3

We are privileged to bring you such stories as the shrinking oncology workforce and the exciting news about Tykerb (GSK's advanced breast cancer drug) as we continue evolving our publication both in style and content.



he prediction of the shrinking oncology workforce certainly caught our attention this month, along with the exciting news about GSK’s advanced breast cancer drug Tykerb, and we are privileged to bring you those top stories as we continue evolving our publication, both in style and content. Cutting-edge just won’t do it. After all, the phrase is so old that it’s become dull. Rather, we want to add the serrated edge to the knifeand pull out all of the guts that really “make” the story: the analysis, commentary, and opinion — the more jagged the knife, the better!

As we progress, new avenues to provide you with our information will be revealed. Print is only the beginning. Through our future products and services, we’ll be digging into the heart of the people and the companies that are shaping the industry, twisting the knifearound, and pulling out something so sparkling, they didn’t even know it was there. Biotechnology is exciting and innovative, and like we say, it deserves an innovative publication.

Take a look inside and you’ll see we’re on our way. Our contributors are some of the best in the business — their stories are fueled by their passion for the sciences, and these next 20 pages are a testament to that passion. With a dedication to exploring various tumor types, subjects, and a myriad of biotech techniques in every issue, our authors have made keeping your interest throughout paramount.

Physicians Financial News® (remember?) is now part of our editorial lineup, as the importance of investments, Wall Street’s outlook on biotech, and general oncology business cannot be ignored. And speaking of business and investing, this issue marks the debut of our Rapid Reporter department, with the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) CEO & Investor Conference 2007 first up in our series of conference recaps.

As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, input, articles, or ideas as we work toward building this new oncology franchise. Editorial board submissions are still being accepted as well, so for anything you want to say or want us to cover, please drop us a line at It’s the new age of social media, so we’re thrilled about taking this journey with you and continually striving to build and be an important part of the growing cancer care community.

Thanks for reading…


E. Roy Berger, MD, FACP

Physician Editor-in-Chief

Oncology & Biotech News

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