Emerging Concepts in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma - Episode 15

Emerging Concepts in Multiple Myeloma

There are still unmet needs in multiple myeloma, states Morie A. Gertz, MD. Advancements in the understanding of appropriate combinations and the development of new drug classes are imperative for the myeloma community, Gertz notes. Learning the biology and genetics of the disease and clonal heterogeneity of each individual patient is also essential, adds Heather J. Landau, MD.

Sequencing therapies and optimal utilization of existing therapies are other areas of advancement on the horizon, comments Jatin J. Shah, MD. The treatment of myeloma is different than other malignancies, since patients can be retreated with therapies. There is not going to be one standard of care, notes Shah.

Incremental progress is still progress, and it improves the lives of patients with multiple myeloma, says Rafael Fonseca, MD. For example, the toxicity profiles of the immunomodulatory drugs (IMiDs) have improved since thalidomide was introduced; next-generation IMiDs, lenalidomide and pomalidomide, are better tolerated, explains Fonseca.