Fellows on Film: How To Market Yourself for a Fellowship


Video Series | <b>Fellows on Film: The Importance of an Oncology Fellowship</b>

Richard J. Bleicher, MD, FACS, and Salvatore Nardello, DO, discuss how to market oneself for a fellowship in oncology.

Richard J. Bleicher, MD, FACS, professor, Department of Surgical Oncology, Division of General Surgery, attending surgeon, leader, Breast Cancer Program, director, Breast Fellowship Program, Fox Chase Cancer Center, and Salvatore Nardello, DO, breast surgical oncologist, Melrose Wakefield Healthcare, Tufts Medical Center Community Care, discuss how to market oneself for a fellowship in oncology.

When considering fellowship, one should try to make themselves more marketable and boost their resumes, Nardello says. If someone knows the specialty they would like to pursue in fellowship, it makes it easier for them to build their curriculum vitae, do collaborative research, and go on audition rotations, Bleicher says. During audition rotations, one can gain insight into the specialty, the people at the institution, and what the fellowship program would entail.

Beyond these efforts, one should read a lot and immerse oneself in the literature during residency so that mentors in fellowship can refine already learned skills, Bleicher explains. Additionally, during fellowship, the knowledge gained will extend beyond textbooks so that fellows are equipped to handle unique situations, such as multiple cancers. Ultimately, fellowship takes residency to the next level of learning, Bleicher concludes.