Product Spotlight

OncologyLive, April 2009, Volume 10, Issue 4

Here are three new products that oncology professionals might be interested in learning more about.

Carmel Pharma introduces PhaSeal’s new Injector Luer Lock N35, an intuitive component of the market’s only clinically proven closedsystem drug transfer device for the safe handling of hazardous drugs. Designed around the same dependable Injector that helped make PhaSeal the “Gold Standard in Safe Handling,” as distinguished by clinical thought leaders, the N35 features simple turnkey motion, a built-in locking mechanism, a secure grip, and an easy access connection, enabling quick and efficient use, from preparation and administration to waste disposal. For more information, visit

Imagine how much more effective venipunctures would be if you could locate the patient’s veins beneath the skin. Now you can! The AccuVein AV300 is a revolutionary, portable, noncontact vein illumination device that can help make IV starts and blood draws more successful. For more information, visit

SenoRx’s new SenoSonix model, like its predecessor, integrates a breast biopsy system with ultrasound imaging; however, this new version incorporates microminiaturization ultrasound technology, offering personal computing power, flexibility, and portability. The modular design and sophisticated imaging architecture are available in a reduced footprint, allowing it to be used in both an office setting and the hospital surgery suite. For more information, visit