ASCO 2018 News : Episode 2

OncLive News Network On Location: In Chicago Saturday, June 2



We are on site at McCormick Place in Chicago at the 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting!

First, we’ll be recapping some of the top news presented from the day—and then we’ll speak with Dr Sagar Lonial on an interesting batch of abstracts in multiple myeloma being presented at the meeting.

Welcome to OncLive News Network! I’m Gina Columbus.

Primary findings from the phase III SANDPIPER trial demonstrated that taselisib plus fulvestrant delayed the growth of advanced breast cancer growth by 2 months versus hormone therapy alone. It also decreased the chance of cancer progression by 30%.

Taselisib is the first therapy that blocks the type of PI3K protein mutated in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, and has also shown promise in patients with gynecologic cancers and head and neck cancer.


In squamous non—small cell lung cancer, initial phase III data from IMpower131 showed that patients with advanced disease derive a greater benefit with frontline therapy with atezolizumab and chemotherapy than from chemotherapy alone.

At 12 months, disease did not progress in twice as many patients who received atezolizumab plus chemotherapy versus those who only received chemotherapy. This benefit was observed across all PD-L1 expressing subgroups.


The chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy axicabtagene-ciloleucel was found to induce high response rates in patients with refractory large B-cell lymphoma, according to updated findings from the ZUMA-1 trial.

At a long-term follow-up, complete response rates continued to increase. Moreover, the 3-month overall response rate ORR may be a prognostic facor for prolonged progression-free survival.


In the randomized phase III ARROW study, once-weekly carfilzomib plus dexamethasone at 20/70 mg/m2 significantly improved progression-free survival and overall survival compared with twice-weekly carfilzomib and dexamethasone at 20/27 mg/m2.

Regarding toxicity, no new safety risks were found in the once-weekly group and the once-weekly carfilzomib/dexamethasone schedule showed a favorable benefit-risk profile with a convenient dosing regimen versus the twice-weekly regimen.

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That’s all for today. Tune in tomorrow for a discussion on breast cancer with Dr Francisco Esteva of NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center and Dr Howard “Skip Burris” of Sarah Cannon Research Institute, and a chat with Dr Hossein Borghaei from Fox Chase Cancer Center on the lung cancer research being presented.

And if you are looking for educational dinner options at ASCO, check out some of Physicians’ Education Resource’s dinner meetings from 6:30 — 9:00 on both Saturday and Sunday nights at the Hilton Chicago Hotel. Dinner topics include:

  • Immunotherapy in Advanced Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma
  • A Medical Crossfire on PARP in Ovarian Cancer
  • Sequencing in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  • Treatment Paradigms in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Learn more and register at and look for Bus Route #9 to the Hilton Chicago Hotel. Have dinner and earn CME at the same time.

Thank you for watching OncLive News Network! I’m Gina Columbus.

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