OncLive Will Introduce Its New Peer-reviewed Journal, Contemporary Radiation Oncology, at ASTRO Meeting Oct. 18-21

OncLive, the nation's leading digital and print resource for oncology professionals, will introduce its new peer-reviewed journal, Contemporary Radiation Oncology, at the 57th annual meeting of the American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), which will be held October 18-21 in San Antonio, Texas.

Plainsboro, N.J. October 15, 2015 -- OncLive®, the nation’s leading digital and print resource for oncology professionals, will introduce its new peer-reviewed journal, Contemporary Radiation Oncology, at the 57th annual meeting of the American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), which will be held October 18-21 in San Antonio, Texas.

Contemporary Radiation Oncology, which focuses on the fast-changing field of radiation therapy in treating cancer, is designed to help radiation oncologists translate advances in oncology treatment and diagnostics and to facilitate real-world application of these techniques and findings in hospitals, cancer treatment centers and academic research facilities. The journal will be available at the OncLive booth #991 at the ASTRO meeting, the premier radiation oncology scientific event of the year, as well as online at http://bit.ly/contemporary-radiation.

“This will be our first opportunity to share the new journal with the 11,000 radiation oncologists and other oncology professionals expected at the annual ASTRO meeting,” said Michael J. Hennessy Sr., chairman and CEO of Michael J. Hennessy Associates, the corporate parent of the Oncology Specialty Group, which includes OncLive.

Hennessy noted that publication of Contemporary Radiation Oncology couldn’t be more timely. Although dozens of peer-reviewed journals are published about medical oncology, just a handful focus on radiation oncology. With multidisciplinary teams becoming increasingly important in the treatment of cancer, the radiation oncologist’s role is becoming more prominent as teams determine combination treatments that can include surgery, immunotherapy or chemotherapy, and radiation, he said. OncLive’s new journal will help radiation oncologists stay well informed.

“Radiation therapy is an ever-changing field, and keeping current is of paramount importance to clinicians caring for patients with cancer,” added Dr. Steven Eric Finkelstein, editor of the new journal and chief scientific officer at 21st Century Oncology, a Strategic Alliance Partner of OncLive. “This journal cuts through the volume of clinical studies, case reports and review articles and provides readers a contemporary, straightforward experience with useful strategies and thought-provoking data that can be used by the radiation oncologist in practice today.”

Contemporary Radiation Oncology publishes original research, clinical investigations, review articles, editorial comments and other scientific articles related to radiation oncology. Written for radiation, medical and surgical oncologists as well as oncology nurses, palliative care specialists, allied health professionals and radiologists, it serves as a forum for collaboration and knowledge exchange in the management of cancer through radiation therapy.

The issue being published this month is the second of the quarterly publications, with the inaugural issue having come out this summer. The upcoming issue will include articles addressing the following topics:

  • The effect of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation with respect to prostate-specific antigen—based screening and its impact on patient presentation to radiation oncologists;
  • The debate surrounding the use of surgery and chemotherapy to treat locally advanced bladder cancer. What role does radiotherapy play in this stage of bladder cancer? Are surgery and chemotherapy enough?
  • Determining the optimal fractionation in early-stage glottic cancer. This study addresses using the therapeutic ratio of 2.25 Gy versus 2 Gy in this cancer. Researchers found that treatment of early glottic cancer with 2.25 Gy/fraction may result in greater acute toxicity than 2 Gy/fraction without improved efficacy;
  • Determining the frequency and clinical characteristics of parotid gland metastasis and the criteria for elective inclusion of parotidean nodes when radiotherapy is administered.

“We are excited to share the latest advances in the science of personalized radiation oncology, to explain state-of-the-art treatment management for head and neck, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, cervical and breast malignancies and to evaluate the treatment of complications of radiation therapy on the same areas,” added Hennessy. He noted that the journal will also provide updates about clinical controversies and describe new advances in technology that may influence future treatment.

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