Antibody-Based Cancer Immunotherapy - Episode 21

Potential Immunotherapy Combinations in RCC

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In addition to anti-PD-1 antibodies, those specifically targeted against PD-L1 have generated interest in renal cell carcinoma (RCC), notes Brian I. Rini, MD. The agent MPDL3280A has shown promise as a treatment for RCC and is now being explored with or without bevacizumab as an upfront treatment for patients with clear cell metastatic RCC.

The benefit of looking at bevacizumab is that it is not a TKI, notes Rini. This exciting study has accrued rapidly with an endpoint of progression-free survival.

Other combination studies are assessing pembrolizumab plus pazopanib; however, liver function abnormalities are a concern with this combination, Rini notes. Other studies are looking at anti-PD-1 agents with interferon, based on preclinical evidence of efficacy.

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