RCCA Oncology-Specialist Network Appoints Iuliana Shapira Chief Medical Officer


Regional Cancer Care Associates LLC, one of the nation’s largest networks of oncology specialists, has appointed Iuliana Shapira, MD, its chief medical officer.

Iuliana Shapira, MD

Iuliana Shapira, MD

Iuliana Shapira, MD

Regional Cancer Care Associates LLC (RCCA), one of the nation’s largest networks of oncology specialists, has appointed Iuliana Shapira, MD, its Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Shapira joins RCCA from SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, where she served as division chief for Hematology and Oncology.

Terrill Jordan, President and Chief Executive Officer of RCCA, said Dr. Shapira will make crucial contributions to the organization and its mission.

“We are fortunate to have a clinical leader who fully understands the challenges and opportunities our physicians and other health care professionals face in providing cutting-edge, compassionate, and conveniently located care to patients in this rapidly evolving environment. Dr. Shapira brings not only the clinical expertise and health-system acumen needed to lead us forward, but also the spirit and passion that will help us execute our strategy in a very effective fashion,” Mr. Jordan said.

RCCA, which is headquartered in Hackensack, has care sites throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, and the Maryland/Washington, DC area.

Dr. Shapira, a board-certified hematologist oncologist, long has been on the front lines of cancer research. She has conducted basic-science research into the role that ribonucleic acid (RNA) plays in the development of malignancies, and has conducted extensive clinical research in breast cancer, ovarian and gastrointestinal malignancies and drug development. She served for several years as associate professor of Medicine at the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, and was director of its Center for Cancer Genetics and Cancer Control from 2008 to 2014.

The cancer specialist said she was drawn to RCCA because of its track record of bringing the latest therapies and clinical trials to community-based practices, where most cancer care in the United States is delivered. Among her goals as chief medical officer are to guarantee patient access in various community settings; chart an optimal roadmap of care; foster an understanding of the whole cancer journey and its distinct components; and promote the best quality cancer care and patient experiences while lowering the cost of care.

“The message I have for people dealing with cancer, and for their families, is one of hope,” Dr. Shapira said. “We are learning very fast how cancer starts, works, and travels. New therapies are invented every day. RCCA is working to speed such advances so patients can realize the benefits of an expanding understanding of cancer, of innovative therapies, and of the way cancer care is delivered.” RCCA includes more than 120 physicians supported by 800 employees at 30 care delivery sites, providing care to more than 24,500 new patients annually and more than 245,000 existing patients. For more information, visit

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