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Sameer Desai, MD, discusses his experience in the hematology field and how CAR T-cell therapy has evolved and its potential integration into community centers.
Sameer Desai, MD, discusses current and emerging treatment options under evaluation in lymphomas.
Refaat Hegazi, MD, PhD, MPH, discusses nutrition-related toxicities in oncology.
Terrill Jordan, LLM, JD, MAcc, discusses challenges regarding the utility of precision medicine in oncology.
Luke Nordquist, MD, FACP, discusses matching patients with clinical trials in oncology.
Jim M. Koeller, MS FHOPA, discusses the heterogeneity of biologics. 
Regional Cancer Care Associates LLC, one of the nation’s largest networks of oncology specialists, has appointed Iuliana Shapira, MD, its chief medical officer.
Terrill Jordan, president and CEO of Regional Cancer Care Associates, discusses RCCA’s efforts to further the fee-for-value model in oncology and make drugs more readily available to patients with cancer.
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