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The primary goal of a cancer diagnosis is to end up with the best possible outcome, and there are always several highways of care, or bundles, to choose from.
Regional Cancer Care Associates has continued its expansion along the East Coast by adding 2 Connecticut-based cancer centers with 6 cancer specialists to its network of independent practices.
As insurers and the federal government look for ways to reduce costs in oncology, the division of care between large, academic institutions and smaller providers is undergoing a process of change, says Seth Berk, MD, chair of the Financial Audit Committee for Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA) and a Mount Holly, New Jersey, specialist in internal medicine, hematology and oncology.
Andrew L. Pecora, MD, FACP, CPE, chief innovations officer, professor, vice president of Cancer Services, John Theurer Cancer Center at Hackensack University Medical Center, president, Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA), LLC, discusses new business and science approaches RCCA has taken to better provide value-based care to patients.
Demmie Aguilar, research coordinator, Clinical Research Division, Regional Cancer Care Associates, LLC, Central Jersey Division, discusses the qualities pharmaceutical companies look for when selecting a clinical trial site.
Consolidation in the insurance industry and the pace of the rise in cost of general and specialty pharmaceuticals are the 2 factors in the healthcare industry that will most affect access and affordability.
Regional Cancer Care Associates, LLC, will now provide cancer care to patients in Maryland through four divisions in the greater Washington, DC area.
As long as bundles are tied to a desired clinical outcome of relevance to the patients, we can truly move toward value-based medicine and enable the Goldilocks formula of delivery: just the right amount of care, not too much, and not too little-every time.
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